Since 1978, Tecnoeka has been manufacturing cooking equipment. Initially, the company focused on the domestic market, producing stoves, ovens, and standalone cookers. The acronym “EKA” in Italian stands for “appliances and components for furnishing.” In the early 1990s, under the leadership of the Lora family, Tecnoeka shifted its focus to the production of professional cooking ovens. Since then, the company has experienced strong growth and industrialization, achieving excellent results. Today, Tecnoeka is recognized as a leading manufacturer of professional ovens. Its outstanding products and superior quality have established it as a benchmark in the industry. Tecnoeka is committed to innovation, meeting customer demands, and maintaining competitiveness in the market. The company’s success is attributed to its dedicated team, continually striving to enhance product quality and service levels. As a manufacturer of professional ovens, Tecnoeka prioritizes quality, ensuring reliability and durability for its customers. With the growing market demand, Tecnoeka will continue to strive for excellence, providing customers with more innovative products and services.