Sin of Cold是一家義大利品牌,專注於生產速凍櫃。他們的速凍櫃可以快速降低各類食品的溫度,説明食物保持新鮮,並減少工作時間和食材浪費。該品牌提供多種層數的選擇,包括3層、5層、10層、14層和20層,以及全入式速凍櫃,適用於不同大小的空間。

除了快速降溫功能外,Sin of Cold 速凍櫃還具備發酵和慢煮功能,幫助廚房在製作過程中節省時間和成本。發酵功能可以加速麵團和發酵食品的發酵過程,而慢煮功能適用於需要長時間低溫慢煮的菜肴。通過多功能設計,Sin of Cold 速凍櫃可以滿足廚房在不同製作階段的需求,提高效率並提供更好的食品品質。

總結而言,Sin of Cold 速凍櫃是一款義大利品牌的設備,具備快速降溫、發酵和慢煮等多功能,能夠幫助廚房節省製作時間、降低成本,並保持食材的新鮮度。

“”Sin of Cold”” is an Italian brand of blast freezers that can rapidly lower the temperature of various types of food, keeping them fresh and reducing work time and ingredient waste. They offer a variety of options in terms of the number of layers, including 3, 5, 10, 14, and 20 layers, as well as full-size blast freezers, making them suitable for spaces of different sizes.

In addition to rapid cooling, “”Sin of Cold”” blast freezers also have fermentation and slow cooking functions, which help reduce production time and costs. The fermentation function accelerates the fermentation process of dough and fermented foods, while the slow cooking function is suitable for dishes that require long, low-temperature cooking. With their multifunctional design, “”Sin of Cold”” blast freezers can meet the needs of kitchens at different stages of production, improving efficiency and ensuring better food quality.

In summary, “”Sin of Cold”” blast freezers are Italian-made equipment with the ability to rapidly cool, ferment, and slow cook. They help kitchens save production time, reduce costs, and maintain the freshness of ingredients.”