Swedlinghaus 斜刀切片機
Gravity Slicer
(2 Models)

2 款型號 : AF300GR | AF350GR

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Swedlinghaus 斜刀切片機優點 :

● 斜刀切片機可以更精準地切割肥牛、火煱薄片肉、豬肉、羊肉。

● 緊湊的尺寸搭配出色的切割性能。

● 陽極氧化鑄造鋁合金結構,帶動傳動,無聲異步馬達運行,低壓控制,鍛造和硬化鋼刀片,座椅運行在自潤滑軸套上,鋁鋼板配備特殊的滑槽以減少摩擦,鑄造鋁磨刀機組件。

Swedlinghaus Gravity Slicer Features :

● Gravity Slicer allows for more precise cutting of thinly sliced meat for hot pot, pork, and lamb.

● Compact dimensions with great cutting performance.

● Anodized cast aluminium alloy construction, belt/ driven transmission, silent/running asynchronous motor, low/voltage controls, forged and hardened steel blade, carriage running on self/lubricating bushes, aluminium feed plate equipped with special sliding grooves to reduce friction, cast/in aluminium sharpener assembly.


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AF300GR, AF350GR