Sin of Cold 速凍櫃
Blast Chiller (Activa Line)
(3 Models)


3 款型號 : MX5.12C | MXT5.20 | MX5.12ST

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Sin of Cold 速凍櫃 (Activa)特點:





Sin of Cold (Activa)Blast Chiller Features :

● Provides ample storage space for organizing and categorizing food according to your needs.

● Equipped with efficient freezing technology that quickly freezes food while preserving its nutritional value and texture.

● Offers precise temperature control, allowing you to adjust the freezing temperature to ensure optimal preservation of food.

● Designed to be energy-efficient with excellent energy efficiency, while maintaining effective freezing of food.


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型號 Model

MX5.12C, MXT5.20, MX5.12ST