Scotsman 雪花製冰機
Flake Ice Maker
(2 Models)

2 款型號 : AF103ASOX | AF206ASOX


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Scotsman 雪花製冰機優點 :

● 生產顆粒狀冰片,硬度為75%。

● 電子控制操作,具有自我診斷功能,外部報警燈提供運行信息,可提前警報和快速診斷操作問題。

● 外部組件采用耐腐蝕不銹鋼製造,通過卓越的配合和表面處理,為最佳美學吸引力而精心製作。

● 人體工學方便的傾斜和隱藏式儲存箱門。

● 前部設有方便維護。

● 前進、前出風流設計,適用於內置安裝。

● XSafe:自然消毒系統,內置於冰塊製造機中,全天候自動運行,保持設備清潔和安全。

Scotsman Self-Contained Flake Ice Maker Features :

● Produces granular shape ice flakes, 75% hardness.

● Electronically controlled operation, with self-diagnostic functions with external alarm lights providing operational information for early alert and fast diagnosis of operating issues.

● External Components constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel crafted for optimal aesthetic appeal through superior fit and finish.

● Ergonomically convenient, slanted & disappearing storage bin door.

● Front access for easier maintenance.

● Front-in, front-out airflow allows for built-in installations.

● XSafe: natural sanitation system, integrated inside the ice maker and operating automatically 24/7 to keep equipment clean & safe.


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