Scotsman 分體式顆粒製冰機
Modular Nugget Ice Maker
(2 Models)

2 款型號 : MFN46AS | MFN56AS


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Scotsman 分體式顆粒製冰機優點 :

● 不銹鋼螺旋槳和冷凍缸(蒸發器)

● 配備電子控制板

● 冰塊破碎器採用特殊強化合金製造,可提供更高的擠壓壓力,以提供更乾燥的顆粒冰(乾度達92%)。

● 耐用的不銹鋼滾輪軸承

● 齒輪馬達和減速器上設有電子旋轉傳感器和驅動聯軸器,提供雙重保護

● 冷凝裝置和齒輪馬達系統上設有低水位感應器保護

● 冰塊水位光學感應器,用於機器關機

● 不銹鋼側板,表面經過拋光處理,四角為圓角設計,便於清潔和美觀

● 四側側板可拆卸,便於維護和售後服務操作

● ABS塑料頂蓋

Scotsman Modular Nugget Ice Maker Features :

● Stainless steel auger and freezing cylinder (evaporator)

● Equipped with an electronic control board

● Ice breaker made in specially strengthened alloy, allowing for greater extrusion pressure to deliver a dryer-quality of nugget ice (92% dry).

● Long-lasting stainless steel roller-bearings

● Double protection – electronic rotation sensor and drive coupling – on gear motor and gear reducer

● Low- water sensor protection on refrigeration and gear motor system

● Optical ice level sensor for machine shut down

● Stainless steel side panels in scotch-brite finish, with rounded corners for enhanced ease of cleaning and aesthetics

● Side panels are removable on all four sides to ease maintenance and after-sales service operations

● ABS plastic top cover


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