Scotsman 分體式製冰機
Modular Ice Maker

型號 Model:MV306WS

品牌 Brand:Scotsman

來源地 Origin : 意大利 Italy

製冷 Refrigeration : 水冷 Water

款式 Style : 分體式 Split

出冰器 Ice dispenser :HB22D

出冰器呎吋 Ice Dispenser Size : L560 x 851 x 1350mmH

冰種 Ice : 全方冰

制冰量 Ice Making Capacity : 154kg/24hr

儲冰量 Ice Storage Capacity:59kg

電壓 Voltage : 220/1/50

功率 Power : 2000W

體積 Dimension : L560 x W614 x H575mm

雪種 Refrigerant : R404A


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Scotsman MV306WS 分體式製冰機優點 :

● 每天最多可生產154公斤(340磅)的冰。

● 「全球標準」的56厘米(22英寸)細身寬度,適用於大多數場所。

● 自動警示指示燈 – 外部指示燈提供運行信息,可提前警報和快速診斷操作問題。

● 無電鍍鎳蒸發器表面 – 可靠且面向前方,檢查和例行維護操作只需幾分鐘。

● 可手動拆卸的水泵和水分配管 – 清潔例行程序從未如此簡單!

● 內置抗菌技術 – Ag-ION®抗菌保護抑制細菌生長,延長常規手動清潔的效果

● 外部組件 – 采用耐腐蝕不銹鋼製造,通過卓越的配合和表面處理,實現最佳的美學吸引力。

● 可手動拆卸的可重複使用空氣過濾器(僅適用於風冷模型)。

● 無CFC的R-404a冷媒。

Scotsman MV306WS Modular Ice Maker Features :

● Produces up to 154kg (340 lbs) of ice per day.

● “Global Standard” 56 cm (22″) slim-size width fits in most locations.

● Auto-alert indicator lights – external indicator lights provide operational information resulting in early alert and fast diagnosis of operating issues.

● Electroless nickel-plated evaporator surface – Reliable and front-facing : inspection and routine maintenance operations in a matter of minutes.

● Hand-removable water pump & water distribution tube- cleaning routine has never been so easy!

● Embedded antimicrobial – Ag-ION® antimicrobial protection inhibits bacteria growth extending effectiveness of regular manual cleaning

● External Components – Constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel crafted for optimal aesthetic appeal through superior fit and finish.

● Reusable air filter is hand-removable for ease of cleaning (air-cooled models only).

● CFC Free R-404a Refrigerant


尺寸 56 × 85.1 × 135 公分
品牌 Brand

原產地 Origin