Scotsman 分體式雪花製冰機 (MF系列)
Modular Flake Ice Maker
(2 Models)

2 款型號 : MF46AS | MF56ASOX


Scotsman 分體式雪花製冰機 (MF系列)優點 :

● 空氣冷卻版本

● Agion技術可抑制微生物生長和氣味產生,生產純淨、清澈和透明的冰塊

● 使用R404a冷媒氣體

● XSafe – 自然消毒系統

● 垂直蒸發器噴霧系統技術

● 一鍵清潔,節省時間和人力

● 一鍵按鈕,輕鬆清潔

● 前部易於清潔的冷凝器空氣過濾器

● 耐腐蝕不銹鋼外殼

● 外部指示燈顯示運行狀態和維護警報

● 包括可拆卸的空氣過濾器、冰鏟、水管和排水管

Scotsman Modular Flake Ice Maker Features :

● Air cooled version

● Agion Technology resists microbe’s growth and odours development to produce pure, clear and transparent ice cubes

● R404a refrigerant gas

● XSafe – Natural Sanitation System

● Vertical evaporator spray-system technology

● One touch cleaning for time and labour saving

● One touch button for easy cleaning

● Easy access front condenser air filter for easy clean

● Resistant stainless steel exterior

● External indicator lights to show operation status and maintenance alert

● Includes removable air filter, ice scoop, water and drain hose

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