Scotsman 自取落冰粒機
Auto Ice Dispenser

型號 Model:TCS180EVO

品牌 Brand:Scotsman

來源地 Origin : 意大利 Italy

製冷 Refrigeration : 風冷 Air

款式 Style : 儲雪式 Storage

冰種 Ice : 小冰 Cubelet

制冰量 Ice Making Capacity : 120kg/24hr

儲冰量 Ice Storage Capacity:5kg

電壓 Voltage : 220/1/50

功率 Power : 590W

體積 Dimension : L390 x W600 x H875mm

雪種 Refrigerant : R134A


Scotsman TCS180EVO 自取落冰粒機優點 :

● 自動冰塊分配系統和自助服務操作在現代餐飲概念中越來越受歡迎。

● 它們允許顧客按照自己的口味冷卻飲料,方便且防止任何潛在的衛生危害:清澈純淨的冰塊直接落入消費者的玻璃杯中,無需操控。


● Scotsman TC180冰塊分配器是冰塊或冰塊和水分配器領域的行業標杆。

● 不同版本的該產品現在推出了「長范圍」版本,內置9公斤的儲存箱,與原始的5公斤版本尺寸相同。

● 對於櫃臺尺寸有限的地方,我們提供了「短」版本,其深度減小了近6厘米,可以安裝在大多數櫃臺上。儲存箱的容量不會改變,仍然提供相同數量(5公斤)的Scotsman「Cubelet」超壓縮冰。

Scotsman TCS180EVO Auto Ice Dispenser Features :

● Automatic ice dispensing systems and self-service operations are becoming increasingly popular in modern foodservice concepts.

● They allow customers to cool their drinks according to their own taste, making it convenient and preventing any potential sanitary hazards: clear and pure ice drops directly into the consumer’s glass without any manipulation.

● GEPRUFTE SICHERMEIT (tested safety)

● Scotsman TC180 ice dispenser sets the industry benchmark in the field of ice or ice and water dispensers.

● The different versions of this product now include a “Long Range” version with a built-in 9kg storage bin, maintaining the same dimensions as the original 5kg version.

● For locations with limited counter space, a “Short” version is available, reducing the depth by nearly 6cm, allowing for installation on most counters. The storage bin capacity remains the same, providing the same amount (5kg) of Scotsman “Cubelet” super compressed ice.


尺寸 39 × 60 × 87.5 公分
品牌 Brand

原產地 Origin