Roband 座地電炸爐
Electric Fryer
(2 Models)

2 款型號 : AF813 | AF813R

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座地電炸爐優點 :

● 三籃 39 公升電動炸鍋,始終如一地提供高品質、大容量的油炸食品

● 高性能、高輸出、快速恢復

● 易於清潔 – 元件可在幾秒鐘內擺出並向上擺動,從而可以接觸到光滑的開放式水箱,以便於清潔

● 雙控制恆溫器可在烹飪和空閒待機設定之間輕鬆切換,第二個恆溫器可兼作備用。

● 熱量直接進入油中,以減少環境對廚房環境/員工的影響

● 無瓦斯火焰,工作環境「更乾淨」

● 電浸式元件比燃氣燃燒器更耐用,且更換成本更低

● 安全恆溫器,附手動復位超溫安全斷流裝置

● 後面的腳輪和前面的可調式腿是標準配置,還有籃子

Electric Fryer Features:

● Single pan with three baskets, 39 liter electric fryer for consistently delivering high quality, high volume fried food

● High performance; high output with fast recovery

● Easy to clean – elements swing out and up in seconds, providing access to a smooth open tank for easy cleaning

● Dual control thermostats enabling easy switching between cooking & idle standby settings, second thermostat doubles as a back up.

● Heat generated directly into the oil to reduce ambient impact on the kitchen environment/staff

● No gas flame for a “cleaner” working environment

● Electric immersion elements can outlast gas burners and have lower replacement costs

● Safety thermostat with manual reset over-temp safety cut-outs

● Castors on the rear and adjustable legs at the front come as standard, baskets too.


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AF813, AF813R