Roband 紅外線暖燈 Infra-Red Heating Assemblie

型號 Model:HE900

品牌 Brand:Roband

來源地 Origin:澳洲 Australia

功率 Power :900W

電壓 Voltage : 220/1/50

體積 Dimension:L900 x W108 x H65mm

貨號: HE900 分類: , 標籤: ,


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HE900 Roband 紅外線暖燈優點 :

● 陽極氧化鋁機身設計有助於通風

● 不銹鋼元件可在整個保溫區域提供非常均勻的熱量

● 能量調節器控制以精確調節熱量輸出

● 所有組件均配備標準的“L”形安裝支架

● 所有機型還可選配帶有管框架的安裝套件

HE900 Infra-Red Heating Assemblie Features :

● Anodized aluminium body designed to breathe

● Stainless steel element provides very even heat over the length of the warming area

● Energy regulator control to precisely regulate heat output

● All assemblies are fitted with a standard “L” shaped mount bracket

● Optional mount kit with tubular framing is also available for all models


尺寸 90 × 10.8 × 6.5 公分
原產地 Origin

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