Roband 電熱扒爐
(2 Models)

2 款型號 : G500XP | G700

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Roband 電熱扒爐優點:

● 8 毫米厚的烤盤具有出色的保溫性能

● 優質、緊湊的烤盤元件可實現快速溫度恢復和可靠的溫度控制

● 恆溫器控制精確的烹調溫度。

● 大容量前置潤滑脂盒採用雙層設計,可降低接觸溫度,並整合到機器中,以降低溢出風險並最大限度地減少工作台空間

Roband Griddle Features :

● 8 mm thick griddle plates for superior heat retention

● Superior, compacted griddle plate elements for fast temperature recovery and reliable temperature control

●Thermostat control for precise cooking temperature.

● Large capacity forward positioned grease box which is dual skin for lower touch temperatures and integrated into machine to reduce risk of spillage and minimise bench space.


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G500XP, G700