Roband 電熱扒爐下層多士爐
Griddle Toaster
(2 Models)

2 款型號 : GT500 | GT700

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Roband 電熱扒爐下層多士爐優點 :

● 厚度為8毫米的鋼質烹飪板,具有優異的保溫性能

● 優質、緊密結實的烹飪板元件,實現快速回溫和可靠的溫度控制

● 恆溫控制,精確控制烤盤的烹飪溫度

● 雙元件系統可獨立控制烤面包和烤盤功能,提供廚房人員最佳的烹飪控制。所有型號的烤面包間隔都與熱板操作協同工作。

● GT700型號更大,可獨立操作烤盤和烤面包機的左側或右側,提高閒置時的使用效率

● 前置大容量油脂收集盒,雙層結構,觸摸溫度較低,並集成在機器中,減少溢出風險,節省檯面空間

● 可拆卸的烤面包碎屑盤,方便清潔烤面包間隔

● 金屬架配有包停和架停,防止食物掉落

● 堅固耐用的不銹鋼結構,時尚的刷面處理

● GT700可以容納全尺寸(深度25毫米)的蒸煮盤放在烤面包區域內。

Roband Griddle Toaster Features :

● 8 mm thick steel cooking plates for superior heat retention

● Superior, compacted cooking plate elements for fast temperature recovery and reliable temperature control

● Thermostat control for precise griddle plate cooking temperature.

● Dual element system has independent control of the toasting function and griddle plate function, providing optimum cooking control for kitchen staff. The toasting compartment of all models is designed to work in tandem with the hotplate operation.

● The larger GT700 model features independent operation of the left or right side of the griddle and toaster for efficient use in quiet periods

● Large capacity forward positioned grease box which is dual skin for lower touch temperatures and integrated into machine to reduce risk of spillage and minimise bench space

● Toasting crumb tray is removable for easy cleaning of toasting compartment

● Wire rack with bun stop and rack stop prevents food from falling

● Durable stainless steel construction with stylish brushed finish

● Full size Gastronorm pan (25mm depth) fits inside the toasting area of the GT700


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