Roband 行鏈式多士爐
Conveyor Toaster

型號 Model:ST500AR

品牌 Brand:Roband

來源地 Origin:澳洲 Australia

多士件數 Number of toasts:500 pieces/hr

功率 Power:2990W

電壓 Voltage:220/1/50

體積 Dimensions: L412 x W596 x H421mm

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Roband ST500AR 行鏈式多士爐優點:

● 優雅設計和精心製作,為高速烤麵包生產設定了標準

● 自動感應功能在閒置時節約能源,對用戶影響最小

● 可調節速度控制,通過電子設置鎖定功能修改烤麵包的時間

● 有自然色、黑色或紅色可供選擇

● 外部表面觸感涼爽

● 堅固耐用的不銹鋼元件

● LED燈照亮烤麵包存放區

● 最適合烤厚度為20毫米的麵包,最大可容納30毫米

● 帶鉸鏈式頂蓋和可滑出碎屑盤,方便日常清潔。

Roband ST500AR Conveyor Toaster Features :

● Elegantly designed and crafted to set the standard for high

● speed toast production

● Auto-sensing feature conserves energy during quiet times with

● minimal impact to the user

● Adjustable speed control to modify the toasting time with electronic setting lock feature

● Available in natural and colours black or red “ Cool to Touch” external surfaces

● Robust and durable stainless steel elements

● LED lights that illuminate toast holding bay

● Optimised to toast bread of 20 mm thickness, and will accommodate up to 30 mm

● Hinged top cover and slide out crumb tray to allow easy every-day cleaning


尺寸 41.2 × 59.6 × 42.1 公分
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