MHS 德國吐司切片機
Bread Slicer

型號 Model:MHS basic

品牌 Brand:MHS

來源地 Origin:德國 Germany

麵包通道 Bread Passage : L450 x W340 x H140mm

切割厚度 Cutting Thickness : 9,10,11,12,13,14mm

電壓 Voltage:380/3/50 (可選220V)

重量 Weight : 200kg

體積 Dimension:L595 x W730 x H1140mm

Suitability almost all types of bread (also yeast plaits)

Oiling Protected system without pump

機器類型 落地式機器
Type of machine Floor-standing machine

貨號: MHS basic 分類: , 標籤: ,


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MHS 德國吐司切片機優點:


● 簡單且不複雜
● 直觀、簡單明了的操作,無需複雜的菜單導航。
● 具有衛生薄膜鍵盤,操作簡單
● 2個功率級別的軟供料,特別謹慎切割
● 具有輸入區域安全開關的蓋子
● 經典且價格合理
● 閘門切割機
● 高品質可靠的入門型號,適用於您的麵包店。
● 可切割幾乎所有類型的麵包(包括酵母麵糰)
● 軟供料,特別溫和切割
● 無需油泵即可進行潤滑
● 維護成本低,特別易於維護
● 更快更簡單
● 與傳統閘門相比,清潔時間節省高達50%。
● 快速衛生的清潔
● 由於切割機上的切口,麵包屑可以直接掃入收集盤中
● 外部傳動系統防止灰塵和切割油進入傳動區域
● 易於清潔,表面平滑,可輕松進行清潔
● 易於拆卸的不銹鋼切割框架
● 切割框架可放入洗碗機清洗
● 所有必需的蓋子可拆卸,無需使用工具進行清潔

MHS Bread Slicer Features :

MHS basic
The MHS basic is the indispensable basic equipment for your bakery.
Fully automatic and easy to operate. With this gate cutting machine you save up to 50% cleaning time in comparison to conventional gate cutting machines.

● Simple & uncomplicated
● Intuitive, straightforward operation without complicated menu guidance.
● Hygienic membrane keypad for simple operation
● Soft feed with 2 power stages for particularly careful slicing
● Cover with safety switching in the input area
● Classic & cost-effective


● High-quality and reliable entry model for your bakery.
● Cuts almost all types of bread (also yeast plaits)
● Soft feed for particularly gentle cutting
● Oiling without oil pump
● Low maintenance costs as particularly maintenance-friendly
● Quicker & easier

● Your staff can change the felt in seconds and without the need for tools:
● Simply unclip the used felt and dispose of it
● The new felt is simply hooked into the existing guide
● Maximum

● Cleaning time savings of up to 50% when compared to conventional gates.
● Quick and hygienic cleaning
● Crumbs can be swept directly into the crumb collection tray thanks to the cut-outs
● External drive system prevents dust and cutting oil entering the drive area
● Shorter cleaning time thanks to easy accessibility and smooth surfaces
● Easy to remove stainless steel cutting frames
● Cutting frame is dishwasher safe
● Felt change in seconds
● All necessary covers removable for cleaning without tool


重量 200 公斤
尺寸 59.5 × 73 × 114 公分
品牌 Brand

原產地 Origin