Medoc 不銹鋼鋸骨機
Stainless Steel Band Saw
(3 Models)


3 款型號 : STL350F | STL390F | STL430F

貨號: STL350F 分類: , 標籤:


Medoc 不銹鋼鋸骨機優點 :

● 設計方便在不同的切割工藝線上進行良好的整合。

● 堅固的18/10不銹鋼結構。

● 不銹鋼滑輪,帶有雙翼門。

● 自動張力控制過程。

● 安全裝置可在4秒內停止運行刀片。

● 帶有緊急停止按鈕的開關,IP65防護等級。

● 打開門時的安全裝置。

● 無電壓釋放系統。

● 右手和左手刀片的製造。

● 可以使用水壓進行簡便清潔。

● 單體機身結構,便於在統一平臺上進行更好的清潔。

● 可拆卸的清潔工具,無需使用工具進行清潔。

● 用於切割過程中清潔滑輪的刮板。

Bandsaw for the meat and fish industries. Special robustness for large meat processing facilities and easy operating procedure.

Medoc Stainless Steel Band Saw Features :

● The design eases a good integration on the different lines of cutting process.

● Robust 18/10 stainless steel construction.

● Stainless steel pulleys with double flap.

● Automatic process of tension control.

● Safety device to stop running blade in 4 seconds.

● On-off switch with emergency stop button, IP65.

● Safety device when opening door.

● No volt release system.

● Manufacturing of blade on the right and left hand side.

● Easy cleaning with water pressure.

● A one piece body construction to ease the better cleaning on a uniform platform.

● Detachable cleaners for easy cleaning, without the use of tools.

● Scrapers for pulley cleaning purpose on the cutting process.


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STL350F, STL390F, STL430F