Electric Auto Noodle Boiler

型號 Model : MREY-L04

品牌 Brand : Maruzen

來源地 Origin : 日本 Japan

煮麵位 Cooking Position : 4

電壓 Voltage : 380/3/50

功率 Power : 6.5kW

體積 Dimension : L1600 x W450 x H800mm

附件 Accessory : 4 Basket holder


** 有 3,4,6 的萋款可供選擇

貨號: MREY-L04 分類: , 標籤:


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Maruzen電熱自動升降煮麵爐優點 :


● 麵條在籃子中方便地移動,煮食輔助板上的孔洞形狀。由於高熱效率,煮食迅速又美味!同時還能節省成本。


● 通過自動開關提高熱效率和安全性。蒸汽快門。

● 安全而乾淨的「防熱水飛濺護罩」,可防止熱水飛濺。

● 安全且易於操作的「給水閥」。

● 儲罐材料和「儲罐內角的圓角處理」使清潔更容易且衛生。

● 「防熱水濺損溢流管」,可防止排水作業期間燙傷。

Maruzen Electric Auto Noodle Boiler Features :

● “Steam heat reusing basket holder” excels in cost reduction and kitchen environment improvement.

● Noodles move around vigorously in the basket ! “Shape of the holes in Boiling Assist Plate”Quick and tasty thanks to high thermal efficiency! Also it suppresses costs.

● “Cook/Keep Warm switching system” which is both energy-saving and easy-to-use.

● Increase in thermal efficiency and safety by automatic switch. “Steam Shutter”

● Safe and clean “Hot Water Splatter Guard” that prevents hot water from splattering.

● Safe and easy-to-operate “Water Supply Cock”

● Material of tank and “rounding edge processing of inner corners of tank” which makes cleaning easier and hygienic.

● “Hot Water Scatter Prevention Overflow Tube” to prevent from burn injury during drain work.


尺寸 160 × 45 × 80 公分
品牌 Brand

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