La Minerva漢堡肉丸成型機
Automatic Hamburger Meatball Forming Machine

型號 Model:C/E653

品牌 Brand:La Minerva

來源地 Origin:意大利 Italy

類型 Type : 桌上 Table Top

承肉入料桶容量 Capacity of Meat Feeding Barrel:23L

最大產量(漢堡扒) Max Output (Hamburger Steak):2100 pieces/hr

最大漢堡扒直徑 Max Hamburger Diameter:125mm

肉丸直徑 Meatball Diameter:36mm

電壓 Voltage:220/1/50

功率 Power: 650W

體積 Dimension: L555 x W625 x H650mm

貨號: C/E653 分類: , 標籤:


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C/E653 La Minerva漢堡肉丸成型機優點 :

● 快速、無噪音、安全可靠、簡潔易於清潔。

● 用絞肉可自動製作所需重量的漢堡或肉丸,並可通過成型筒進行調整。可以將各種配料(如牛肉、雞肉、魚肉)與刨碎的麵包、雞蛋、奶酪、大豆和香料結合在一起進行加工。

● 只需更換成型筒,就可以獲得不同的形狀,如方形、橢圓形,根據客戶需求進行定制。

C/E La Minerva Automatic Hamburger Meatball Forming Machine Features :

● Fast, noiseless, safe and reliable, compact and easy to clean.

● Can automatically produce patties or balls of the desired weight using minced meat, and the weight can be adjusted using the forming cylinder. Various ingredients such as beef, chicken, and fish can be processed in combination with grated bread, eggs, cheese, soy, and spices.

● Different shapes, such as square or oval, can be achieved by simply changing the forming cylinder, allowing for customization according to customer needs.


尺寸 55 × 52.5 × 65 公分
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