Econ Tabletop Vacuum Machine

型號 Model : ECO-FLEX-TBF

品牌 Brand:Lavezzini

來源地 Origin:意大利 Italy

呎吋 Overall Dimensions : L460 x W500 x H420mm

箱內呎吋 Size of the Chamber : L360 x W400 x H190mm

封口闊度 Sealing Bar : 350mm

電壓 Voltage:220/1/50

真空泵量 Vacuum Pump:Q= 8/9.6 M3H-OIL

重量 Weight:40kg

貨號: ECO-FLEX-TBF 分類: , 標籤:


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優點 :

● 桌上真空包裝機這些完全不銹鋼的專業包裝機器非常靈活,可以在各種不同的情況下使用。由於桌上真空包裝機最新的技術特點,它們已經成為在多個領域中包裝一定數量的產品(醬料和液體食品、肉類、魚類、蔬菜等)不可或缺的工具:從餐廳到美食、餐飲業、超市等等。

● 桌上真空包裝機如果配備了食品氣體注入系統,這些機器還可以同時包裝和保護那些易碎和脆弱的產品。

Features :

● Econ Tabletop Vacuum Machine these are totally stainless-steel professional packers, extremely flexible to be used in the most different situations. Thank to Econ Tabletop Vacuum Machine most updated technical features, they have become essential to pack a certain number of products (Sauces & liquids food, meet, fish, vegetables…) in several fields of activity: from restaurant to gastronomy, catering, supermarkets etc..

● Econ Tabletop Vacuum Machine if properly equipped with their inert food gas injection system, these machines can also pack and protect at the same time all those friable and delicate products.


尺寸 46 × 50 × 42 公分
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