Grasselli 去皮機
Compact Skinning

型號 Model:C-35P

品牌 : Grasselli

來源 : 意大利 Italy

電壓 Voltage:380/3/50

馬達 Motor:0.5hp

工作寬度 Working Width:350mm

體積 Dimension:D600 x W570 x H990mm

刀片配件 Blades Accessories : 3

**剝皮厚度可調 Peeling Thickness Adjustable**

貨號: C35P 分類: , 標籤:


按此下載 C35P & C35M Brochure

按此下載 C35P Layout

按此下載 C35M Layout

C35P Grasselli 去皮機優點:

● 適用於小型或中小型生產空間

● 剝皮機(C-35P)和緊湊且易移動的去筋膜機(C-35M)

● 使用簡單 – 結構緊湊,在中小型工作間內部移動方便

● 便於清潔 – 帶圓角的設計符合更好的衛生條件

● 生產效率最大化 – 高轉速齒形軸提供更高生產率

● 堅固的結構 – 可從三個不同的操縱盤輕鬆地維護電機、電氣面板和機械部件

C35P Grasselli Compact Skinning Feature :

● Suitable for small or medium-sized production spaces, the skinning machine (C35 P) and the compact and easily movable membrane remover (C35 M) offer the following product advantages:

● Easy to use: The machines are designed for simplicity, making them user-friendly and easy to operate.

● Compact and mobile: The machines have a compact structure, allowing for easy movement within small to medium-sized workspaces.

● Easy to clean: The machines are designed with rounded corners, ensuring better hygiene conditions and making cleaning easier.

● Maximization of production efficiency: The high-speed gear shaft provides higher production rates, maximizing productivity.

● Sturdy construction: The machines are built with a robust structure, and maintenance of the motor, electrical panel, and mechanical components can be easily carried out using three different control knobs.


尺寸 60 × 57 × 99 公分
品牌 Brand

原產地 Origin