Baking Pro 桌上酥皮壓麵機
Tabletop Dough Sheeter

型號 Model: BC-400TL

品牌 Brand : Baking Pro

來源地 Origin : 中國 China

電壓 Voltage : 220/1/50

功率 Power : 0.4kw

滾轆可調整間距 Roller Spacing : 1-35mm

運輸帶呎吋 Reel Width : 400 x 1600mm

打開時呎吋 Open Dimension : L1990 x H590mm

機身呎吋 Dimension : L1990 x W840 x H590mm

**藍色PU運輸帶**Blue PU Conveyor Belt**

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● 節省空間:桌上型酥皮壓麵機尺寸較小,適合放置在桌面或廚房櫃台上,節省空間,方便使用。

● 節省時間:酥皮壓麵機能夠快速而均勻地將麵團壓平,省卻手工攪拌和擀麵的時間,提高工作效率。

● 壓麵均勻:酥皮壓麵機能夠確保麵團壓麵的均勻度,使酥皮的厚度一致,保證烘焙過程中的一致性和美觀性。

● 多功能性:桌上型酥皮壓麵機通常配備不同形狀和厚度的壓麵輥,可用於製作各種酥皮和麵團,滿足不同食譜的需求。

● 簡單操作:酥皮壓麵機通常具有簡單易懂的操作界面,方便使用者進行設定和操作,無需專業技能。

● 易於清潔:酥皮壓麵機的部件通常易於拆卸和清潔,可避免食物殘渣積聚,確保衛生和食品安全。

Advantages of Tabletop Dough Sheeter :

● Space-saving: Tabletop Dough Sheeter has a compact size, making it suitable for placement on a table or kitchen countertop, saving space and convenient to use.

● Time-saving: The dough sheeter can quickly and evenly flatten the dough, eliminating the need for manual mixing and rolling, saving time and improving work efficiency.

● Uniform dough thickness: The dough sheeter ensures even rolling of the dough, resulting in consistent thickness of the puff pastry, guaranteeing consistency and aesthetics during baking.

● Versatility: Tabletop Dough Sheeterare typically equipped with different shapes and thicknesses of rollers, allowing for the production of various puff pastries and doughs, catering to different recipe requirements.

● Easy operation: Tabletop Dough Sheeters usually have user-friendly interfaces, making it convenient for users to set and operate without requiring specialized skills.

● Easy to clean: The components of the dough sheeter are typically easy to disassemble and clean, preventing food residue build up, ensuring hygiene and food safety.


尺寸 199 × 84 × 59 公分
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