Fagor 桌上型電炸爐
Table Top Electric Fryer
(2 Models)

Fagor 桌上型電炸爐分為單缸及雙缸可供選擇

2 款型號 : FE6-05 | FE6-10

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Fagor 桌上型電炸爐優點 :

● 高效加熱:它配備了一個強大的加熱元件,能夠快速加熱油,使食物迅速煮熟和變得酥脆。

● 溫度控制:具有準確的溫度控制功能,使您能夠根據不同食物的需求調整炸爐的溫度。

● 安全設計:它配備了多重安全功能,例如過熱保護和自動關機,以確保使用過程中的安全性。

● 易於清潔:這款電炸爐易於清潔和維護,具有可拆卸的部件,使您能夠輕鬆清除油渣和殘留物。

Fagor Table Top Electric Fryer Features :

● Efficient Heating : It is equipped with a powerful heating element that can quickly heat up the oil, allowing food to cook quickly and become crispy.

● Temperature Control : It has accurate temperature control functionality, allowing you to adjust the fryer’s temperature ●according to the needs of different foods.

● Safety Design : It is equipped with multiple safety features such as overheating protection and automatic shutdown to ensure safety during use.

● Easy to Clean : This electric deep fryer is easy to clean and maintain, with detachable components that allow you to easily remove oil residue and leftovers.


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FE6-05, FE6-10