eka 觸控式電熱萬用焗爐
Touch Screen Electric Compact Combi Oven
(3 Models)


3 款型號 : MKF611CBM | MKF611CTS | MKF1011CTS

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eka 觸控式電熱萬用焗爐優點 :

● MKF611CBM 在Millennial系列中,只有50釐米寬,配備了黑色面板的新款焗爐將確保您在空間有限的廚房中始終能夠獲得高水平的烹飪效果。

在最小的空間中實現最大效能,可以使用6個1/1 GN托盤和100個可編程的食譜!

● MKF611CTS 同樣只有50釐米寬,但它包含了實現最佳烹飪均勻性的所有潛力。這是一款緊湊、快速、直觀和簡單的焗爐。




● MKF1011CTS 是MILLENNIAL系列,全新設計簡化了日常使用焗爐的過程。



eka Touch Screen Electric Compact Combi Oven Features :

● MKF611CBM In just 50 cm of width, of a MILLENNIAL oven in the new oven with the BLACK MASK panel that will ensure you always achieve a high level result, even in a kitchen with limited space.

Maximum efficiency in the smallest space, with the possibility of using 1/1 GN trays and 100 programmable recipes!

● MKF611CTS Although it is just 50 cm wide, it encloses all the potential to achieve optimal cooking uniformity. A compact, fast, intuitive and simple oven.

Designed for restaurants and delicatessens, which must combine all the technology of a cutting-edge product with limited kitchen space. Like all those in the Millennial range, the oven has IPX5 water protection rating. The oven also offers the multi-point core probe and integrated automatic wash as standard. Maximum efficiency in minimum space.

● MKF1011CTS Innovation in the MILLENNIAL line is never an end in itself.

The new design simplifies the use of the oven in everyday life.

The constructive quality makes it last in time.

The renewed convection cooking system helps cook all 10 trays evenly. Innovation has only one purpose in the MILLENNIAL line: allows you to fully express yourself.


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