eka 5層萬用電焗爐
5 Trays Electric Combi Oven
(2 Models)

這兩款 EKF523NTUD 及 EKF523NUD 萬用焗爐由於其緊湊的55厘米尺寸,真正智能的設計以及易於調節的操作,馬達反轉,蒸汽注入和可用的內部排水系統,為咖啡廳和便利店設立了新的基準水平。

2 款型號 : EKF523NTUD | EKF523NUD

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eka 5層萬用電焗爐優點 :

全新的5代進化型小吃2/3 GN托盤!這款萌用焗爐採用全新設計,旨在簡化並優化廚房體驗,即使在空間有限的地方也能使用!

● EKF 523 NTUD 配備觸摸屏,優秀的新功能包括獨家觸摸面板,具有99個程序和可編程點火功能,門上的LED燈和全新的手柄。

● EKF 523 NUD 電機控制面板配有新的旋鈕,門上的LED燈和新的手柄。

eka 5 Trays Electric Combi Oven Features :

The latest 5th generation Evolution Snack 2/3 GN trays! This adorable oven is designed to simplify and optimize the kitchen experience, even in limited spaces!

● EKF 523 N T UD comes with a touch screen. Notable new features include an exclusive touch panel with 99 programs and programmable ignition, LED lights on the door, and a brand new handle.

● EKF 523 N UD features an electromechanical control panel with new knobs, LED lights on the door, and a new handle.

Both the EKF 523 N T UD and EKF 523 N UD establish a new benchmark level for cafes and convenience stores thanks to their compact 55cm size, truly smart design, easy adjustable commands, motor’s reverse rotation, steam injection, and available inner drain.


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