Cunill 全自動磨咖啡豆機
Auto Coffee Grinder

型號 Model : LUXOMATIC55dB

品牌 Brand : Cunill

來源地 Origin : 西班牙 Spain

功率 Power :370W

電壓 Voltage : 220/1/50

轉速 Speed:1300-1600/P.min

噪音 Noise:55db

咖啡豆漏斗 Coffee Hopper :1kg

體積 Dimension : L285 x W450 x H625mm

貨號: LUXOMATIC55dB 分類: , 標籤:


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Cunill 全自動磨咖啡豆機優點 :

● Luxomatic White低噪聲咖啡研磨機非常適合在更親密的設置中使用。 這些優雅的磨床配備了最複雜的隔音技術,只需55分貝,就會磨碎,從而始終如一地磨碎咖啡,而背景噪音很少。 Luxo模型配備了分配器。

● Luxomatic為單咖啡或雙濃咖啡的操作提供觸摸屏選擇。 Fracino Coffee Grinder具有可調節的研磨設置和可編程的數字顯示。

Cunill Auto Coffee Grinder Features :

● Luxomatic white low noise coffee grinder on demand are perfectly suited for use in the more intimate settings. Equipped with the most sophisticated soundproofing technology, these elegant-looking grinders will grind at just 55 decibels, resulting in consistently ground coffee, with little background noise.

● The Luxo model is fitted with a dispenser. The Luxomatic offers touch screen selection for single or double espresso Grind on Demand operation. The Fracino coffee grinder has adjustable grinding settings and a programmable digital display.


尺寸 28.5 × 45 × 62.5 公分
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