C.G.T. 絞肉機
Meat Mincer
(2 models)

2 款型號 : 22TR | 32TR

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C.G.T. 絞肉機優點 :

● 套筒、漏斗和收集器由18/8不銹鋼製成。

● 嘴部、螺帽和螺旋槳由18/8不銹鑄製成。

● 驅動裝置使用鋼齒輪。

● 絞肉機具有強大的動力和高轉速,能夠迅速將食材絞碎,節省時間和勞力。

● 能夠有效地將食材切碎和混合,確保絞肉的均勻性和質地。

● 可以拆卸,方便清洗和保養,確保衛生和品質。

C.G.T.Meat Mincer Features :

● Casing, hopper and gatherer made of stainless sheet 18/8.

● Mouth, ring nut and Archimedean screw made of inox casting 18/8.

● Drive by means of steel gears.

● The meat mincer features powerful motor and high speed, allowing for quick and efficient grinding of ingredients, saving time and effort.

● It effectively chops and mixes ingredients, ensuring uniformity and texture of the ground meat.

● It is easy to disassemble for convenient cleaning and maintenance, ensuring hygiene and quality.



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22TR, 32TR