Baking Pro 座地酥皮壓麵機
Floor Stand Dough Sheeter

型號 Model: BC-550BL

品牌 Brand : Baking Pro

來源地 Origin : 中國 China

電壓 Voltage : 220/1/50

功率 Power : 0.55kw

滾轆可調整間距 Roller Spacing : 1-40mm

運輸帶呎吋 Reel Width : 520 x 2200mm

打開時呎吋 Open Dimension : L2700 x H1200mm

機身呎吋 Dimension : L2700 x W960 x H1200mm

**藍色PU運輸帶**Blue PU Conveyor Belt**

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座地式酥皮壓麵機的優點 :

● 高效生產:座地式酥皮壓麵機具有強大的動力和高速運轉能力,能夠快速而均勻地壓平麵團,提高生產效率。

● 多功能性:座地式酥皮壓麵機配備多種輸送帶和壓麵輥,可滿足不同食品製作需求,如酥皮、麵包、餅乾等,具有廣泛的應用性。

● 自動化操作:該壓麵機配備自動控制系統,可設定壓延厚度和生產速度,減少人力操作並提高一致性。

● 穩定性和耐用性:座地式酥皮壓麵機通常由堅固的材料製成,具有優異的穩定性和耐用性,能夠長時間保持高效運作。

● 易於清潔和維護:座地式酥皮壓麵機設計簡潔,部件易於拆卸和清潔,有助於保持衛生和食品安全,同時方便進行機器的維護。


Advantages of a Floor Standing Dough Sheeter:

● Efficient Production: A Floor Standing Dough Sheeter is equipped with powerful motors and high-speed operation capabilities, allowing for quick and even dough rolling, thus improving production efficiency.

● Versatility: With multiple conveyor belts and dough rollers, a Floor Standing Dough Sheeter can meet various food production needs, such as puff pastry, bread, cookies, etc., making it highly versatile.

● Automated Operation: These machines are equipped with automatic control systems that allow for setting the desired thickness and production speed, reducing manual labor and ensuring consistency.

● Stability and Durability: Floor Standing Dough Sheeter are typically made from robust materials, providing excellent stability and durability, allowing for long-term efficient operation.

● Easy to Clean and Maintain: The Floor Standing Dough Sheeter is user-friendly, with components that are easy to dismantle and clean, promoting hygiene and food safety, while also facilitating machine maintenance.

● These are the key advantages of a Floor Standing Dough Sheeter emphasizing efficient production, versatility, automated operation, stability and durability, as well as easy cleaning and maintenance.


尺寸 270 × 96 × 120 公分
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